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Spray Tanning


Full Body Tan

Half Body Tan








Self Tanning


Original 8 hour


Rapid Amino 90min



1hr Light     2hr Med     3hr Dark     Overnight Ultra Dark

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Which Tan Should I Choose?

We have 3 types of tan to choose from:

Original - Must be left on for 8hrs

Rapid Amino90 - Shower after only 90mins 

Multibase - The longer you leave it the darker you will Glow                                   1hr - Light   2hr - Medium   3hr Dark    4+ - Ultra Dark

How Do I Prepare?

Start by exfoliating and moisturising ASAP

Make sure you have done all necessary hair removal 24-48hrs prior to your tan.

Wear loose dark clothing to your appointment


what do I bring to my appointment?

loose dark clothing and a nice clean body free of deoderants, perfume, moisturiser and makeup 

How Long Will It Last?

Depending on how well you have prepared for your tan and how well you care for it once it is done will be the result of how long your tan will last for. Generally if all care has been taken you can get 5-7days of flawless colour 

Things to remember after your tan application.

To avoid damaging your tan during its processing please be mindful around water, excess sweating and any tight fitting clothes and shoes.



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